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Each week, The Huffington Post publishes thousands of investigative reports, feature-length narratives, news stories, blog posts, link-outs, videos, slide shows, and infographics, sparking well over a million comments from readers.

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Introducing Huffington magazine, a distillation of the very best original content from The Huffington Post. Huffington also offers a mix of exclusive stories and interactive features you won’t find anywhere else in an elegantly-designed weekly iPad app. As always, you’ll also enjoy contributions from our roster of respected bloggers, alongside the pithiest comments from the most engaged and passionate readership on the web.

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Huffington subscribers get more than just a recap of the website. Each new issue features exclusive reports, columns, reviews, and blog posts that aren’t available online. After all, some ideas need a little room to breathe.

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Huffington takes you beyond the traditional magazine experience, giving you the ability to comment, share, and argue with our sophisticated community of readers. Just log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or HuffPost account and give them a piece of your mind.

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Subscribers can listen to audio and view video content within the magazine. Video content can be played at full screen using standard iOS gestures — pinch, zoom, tap, play, and close.

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The question isn’t whether Huffington is ready for your new iPad. The questions is whether your new iPad is ready for... Yeah.

“Please join me — and our Huffington Post writers, editors and bloggers — for a weekly conversation about the most interesting things happening in politics, entertainment, business, culture, and the world around us. Huffington is a fresh and vibrant take on HuffPost, distilled from the very best our site offers and presented in a lush, beautifully designed magazine format for the iPad. ”

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